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When I think about marijuana in 2021, the first thing is that I think about the Canadian government’s relationship to the plant. Canada has had marijuana for legal use since 2001. On October 17, 2018, she legalized(on the Federal level) the recreational use of Marijuana. 

Also in 2018, the US passed a “Farm Bill” that allowed for legal hemp cultivation.

2018 was when the flood gates opened.

As the cannabis industry heats up in Canada it is critical that organizations leverage data to drive informed decisions in this fast-moving and rapidly developing space”

– Cy Scott, CEO, Headset.

Today Nielsen, Headset and Deloitte announced a strategic alliance that will provide key stakeholders in the cannabis space with critical market insights to understand federally regulated cannabis consumption and sales in Canada.

– Kyle Wyskiel, PR, Deloitte.

Marijuana Software in 2021

There are hundreds of Marijuana Software businesses out there today. Here are some of my picks. To find a more exhaustive list, check out HeadSet.io.

  • Biotrack: Seed-to-sale Saas. HQ in Florida, USA.
  • Blaze: POS for cannabis sales. >$8mil raised. HQ in California, USA.
  • CannaReps: Modern, accurate, and relevant cannabis knowledge. HQ in Canada.
  • Cova: Tablet based POS system for marijuana dispensaries. HQ in Vancouver, Canada.
  • Divvy: Custom digital signage that integrates with marijuana dispensary POS and more. HQ in Seattle, WA.
  • Eaze: Same day delivery on THC and CBD products. HQ in San Francisco.

Chart by Deloitte

Issues & Instability

3 years later and the hype for the marijuana business has slowly begun to level off. Investors are growing skeptical of Marijuana startups, the price of marijuana is starting to fall due to oversupply and bankruptcies are beginning to bubble up. Here are some of the issues currently plaguing the industry:

  • B2C Chain: There’s a shortage of investments in genetics and strain consistency, customer data analytics and delivery mechanisms. 
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical Partnerships: health authorities don’t permit cannabis companies to make any health claim about their products(pending long term drug-trials). This makes it difficult for dispensaries to raise capital from the pharmaceutical sector and market their products as a medical solution.
  • Compliance Errors: Some companies are breaching US cultivation laws which makes the entire industry look bad and untrustworthy.

My Story

I found out about Eaze because they were building a React Native App and one of their recruiters contacted me. This was sent to me back in 2017.

Back then, I didn’t have good missions or values and I would work for any company that would hire me. I got interesting interview offers like this that ended up going nowhere when companies realized that I wasn’t a US citizen and thus too much to commit to.

Things may have gone a little smoother if I was passionate about marijuana and able to connect a few reference points while building my profile. I guess I just wasn’t that into marijuana. 

I reached out to a Software Engineer at Eaze to get a bit more on his perspective working at the San Francisco office. 

There might be a podcast episode later on.

Creativity Neurotropic? 

Are you more curious about marijuana or know someone who is? A great place to start learning about the neurotropic effects is Smart Drugs Smarts. Jesse does a podcast with a few experts, a few times. If the podcast is not working, I’ve already sent a message to Jesse. Hopefully, there’s a solution for you and I soon.

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